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Revolutionary Innovation to Improve the Power Supply of Developing Countries

A member of the Hungarian ArchEnerg Cluster, János Brand, the executive of Aero Energi Ltd., patented the innovative system he developed to change the power supply of developing countries. His ‘invention’ was primarily developed for regions in which there is no power infrastructure or it functions only intermittently. The system gains its versatility from the fact that it uses wind and solar power together. Power stations are created by the combined use of solar panels and wind turbines and intermittency problems are solved with diesel generators.

The picture is an illustration

This system does not only provide electricity, but it also helps with improving the reliability of mobile and internet access, which itself would be of immense help to the communities living nearby. Furthermore, it is capable of providing emergency mobile hospitals with power in cases of natural disasters, like floods, or epidemics.

What the inventor said about the system, named SMART-GRIDE is: ‘I did not invent the wheel, however the two systems had never been used together this way before!’

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